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21 November 2012 @ 08:55 pm
Dear Chelsea FC,

I think it's safe to say that your fans aren't happy today. Well, I certainly am not.

Firing Roberto after what, just six months in office? Yes, things were looking not good at the moment, but overall I could still see more progress with him at the helm than I ever had under André Villas-Boas' rule. To whom, may I remind you, you clung on way too long for many people's liking.

But back to the topic, sacking Roberto was just stupid. Sorry to say so, but it was. Looking at what he's achieved in the six months as our manager I think he would have been able to turn things around - if not in the Champions League, then in the Europa League for sure. It's not the Big Ears, but hey, better than nothing! And do you really think a new manager might yet take us into the CL knockout stages after all, when this fate is completely out of our hands?

Football isn't just about success in every single game. There is much more to it. Football, more than most other sports, is a lot about loyalty and sticking together through good and bad. Look at some other clubs who refused to panic at a patch of bad results. Especially so soon after changing managers.

Ever heard of a thing called continuity? Or manager's independence? Let me let you in on a secret: It's what made ManUre such a successful club over the last decade. Much as I dislike them, it's true.

And let's face it: Much as I love most of them, the players have to take a huge part of the blame for the recent bad results, full stop.

And lastly: Benitez our new manager? Seriously? A man that about 80% of the fans don't want at the Bridge? A man who has absolutely no tactical finesse? You've got to be kidding!

Much as I love the team, my fellow fans, the atmosphere at the Bridge and all that comes along with it, I'm finding it hard to love the club itself, because I constantly feel ashamed for the board's actions these days. You're turning us into football's laughing stock, and that is hard to take. Actually, it's unacceptable.

Tough love,
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16 October 2010 @ 10:42 am
I'm still not quite out of the hiatus again as yet, but I'm working hard to catch up with real life so I can finally get back to regular posting both on my normal journal as well as here.

For now I'd like to share with you some LQ pics of last night's Bundesliga game that catapulted Dortmund to top of the league - at least until Mainz' match this afternoon.

The pictures are all from Bild.de, so please when you use them or post them elsewhere do remember to mention the original source. I don't hold any rights in these pictures.

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04 July 2010 @ 09:51 pm
Originally I had hoped to revive this journal for the World Cup finals, but unfortunately I have hardly seen five games, so that plan fell to pieces. Still I hope that next footballing season will bring more updates again, provided my busy work schedule allows me to.

However, I wanted to share these pictures with you that I found on Sportbild.de, of the German National Squad on a special kind of safari.

I think these are amazing and I'm sure you'll find them equally brilliant. Sadly I only found them in low quality, so if anyone knows where to find them in better quality, you're welcome to point me there.

  • All pictures from Sportbild.de
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  • I don't own the copyright to these pictures, I merely share them with you
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  • Please state the original source (sportbild.de) when sharing and/or using them elsewhere
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  • Comments will alway be appreciated!
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  • Please do not hotlink!


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11 November 2009 @ 11:33 am
Poll #1483839 R.I.P. Robert Enke

The DFB considers cancelling the match against Chile this Saturday in the wake of Enke's death. Do you agree?

Yes, now is not the time for football.
No, they should play - it's the best way to honour Enke's life!

Feel free to discuss further in the comments.
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10 November 2009 @ 09:34 pm

I cannot believe it: Robert Enke, German international and Hannover 96 goalkeeper, is dead at 32.  The early signs point to suicide.

Enke had been suffering from some mysterious illness that was believed to be a bacterial infection which left him weak, dizzy, and unable to play.  Looks like the long battle with this illness had robbed him of all his optimism and strength and left him with no other way out.

Although I don't care too much about Hannover 96, I have to say that I really, really liked Enke.  He was a beautiful man, both on the outside as well as inside; he always seemed a very genuine, kind-hearted person, and he was an absolutely amazing keeper.  The footballing world has definitely become poorer tonight.

To his wife and daughter, the rest of his family, and all his friends and his team mates at Hannover 96 I'd like to express my sincerest condolences.  Nothing can probably help you in your grief, but my thoughts are with you.

Rest in peace, Robert. You will be badly missed.

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27 August 2009 @ 08:11 pm

So Nuno's coming back to the Bridge.









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22 August 2009 @ 08:55 pm
  • All pictures from www.sportschau.de
  • Feel free to share elsewhere and/or use for artistic means
  • Credit to original source (i.e. JAMD) when sharing/using is a must
  • Credit to me for finding the pictures is appreciated but not necessary
  • Comments are always nice
  • and most importantly: HOTLINKING IS EVIL!

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    Well, it's a new season, and despite everything being overly hectic at work, I hope to be able to bring you updates to this here journal a lot more often this season than I was able to last season.  However, please be patient with me as I may find it difficult at times to post on a regular basis, and with our work roster giving me plenty more weekend shifts there won't be too many match!musings.  However, I hope to bring those back again soon, too.

    Anyway, let's start, as you all know it from me, with a match!spam of my favourite team: Chelsea.

    • All pictures from Skysports and The Sun
    • Feel free to share elsewhere and/or use for artistic means
    • Credit to original source (i.e. JAMD) when sharing/using is a must
    • Credit to me for finding the pictures is appreciated but not necessary
    • Comments are always nice
    • and most importantly: HOTLINKING IS EVIL!

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    game venue: home
    match summary: refreshedrefreshed

    Chelsea: Cech, Mancienne (Quaresma 81), Alex, Terry, Ashley Cole, Ballack, Mikel, Lampard, Kalou (Belletti 75), Anelka, Drogba. Subs Not Used: Hilario, Ivanovic, Di Santo, Malouda, Ferreira.
    Wigan: Kirkland, Melchiot, Bramble, Boyce, Figueroa, Cattermole (Rodallega 69), Brown, Scharner, Kapo, Zaki (Sibierski 89), N'Zogbia. Subs Not Used: Kingson, Edman, Kupisz, Routledge, Holt.

    1-0 Terry (25), 1-1 Kapo (82), 2-1 Lampard (90)

    Alex (10), Terry (19), N'Zogbia (24), Cattermole (2), Mancienne (77), all unsporting behaviour


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    Kat's man of the match:
    Chelsea's best man on the pitch definitely was Super Frankie Lampard, but even he was outshone by the outstanding defensive work done by on Titus Bramble.  In the past he's often been a consistent source of blunders, but there was not even so much as a hint on that treat as he bossed his back four and time and time again denied the hosts, seemingly reading their minds like open books and always, absolutely always being in the right spot at the right time.  Add the fact that he stayed fair and sporting all throughout, and his performance deserves nothing less but the perfect 10.

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    12 February 2009 @ 10:42 pm

    ... do I really need to say more? :P


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